Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bachelor's stuff

I was thinking about some stuff in my life as a bachelor today:

* My sleeping pattern is evolving from a couple's to a single's habit:
10:30 at night does no longer mean "Shit, is it that late already ? I better shut the TV off and go to bed !".
10:30 PM now says: "Alright ! You still have about 3 more hours before you're allowed to go to sleep without feeling like a complete wuss."
I mean, I never thought I'd still have it in me ! Staying up late, crawling out of bed in the morning to get to work and not feeling miserable during the day, except for Fridays (Fridays are usually the worst; by that time people stare at my dark eye sacks and start recommending me their physicians).
But I'm completely rested again after sleeping in late on Saturday mornings (well, 'till 10 AM at best- hey, I'm still learning).

* I'm constantly on the go, chasing my own shadow (or in the late hours running away from it) , I always have to be somewhere and it's making me oblivious to realistic time slots but the adrenaline of my fully booked agenda is making me spin like a chipmunk on crack.

* Food is never an issue: either I eat home-cooked meals in front of the TV, get take-out or go out to eat. Pizza in the morning is as good as cereal for dinner.

* Because of my growing social network, my cell phone bill is reaching dramatic proportions. Apparently I'm such an excessive caller that I'm now receiving phone calls from my mobile phone company to have me switch to a more favorable rate plan. How considerate of them ! And I don't mind this at all. In fact, I welcome any type of phone call as an opportunity to chat even more and with these cheery customer service people calling me, I make it a thing to ask how they are doing today. ;)

* Christmas is around the corner and to be honest with you, I still have no plans whatsoever. I'm afraid Christmas day is going to feel a bit like Judgment Day, like Apocalypse Now, the day when everybody sort of gives up on how things are in the world and look at the ones they love and say; "I'm happy I get to spend this day with you."
You see, I don't really know who I will be saying this to on Christmas day, let alone if someone in particular is going to say this to me, and if that in itself is not a judgment of how my life is today, well.. then I don't know what is.
Yeah sure, you always have family to spend Christmas with but somehow I have no intention to fill in the solo-uncle position, you know, sitting at the Christmas dinner table wearing a red & green wool sweater with prancing reindeer sewn on, smiling painfully and shrugging when asked what kind of exciting things I will be doing this New Year's Eve.

* But hey, at least New Year's Eve brings me hope. Everyone is out on the town, dating or not, looking forward to the same objective that brings everyone together; the shift of a year, the beginning of a new era, the start of something New. I'm still wondering how I am going to celebrate it this year.


Wendy said...

Geloof mij, ik weet ook nog nie echt hoe ik Nieuwjaar ga doorbrengen! keb al zin om gewoon niks te doen en te wachten tot al de chaos er rond voorbij is om dan op mijn gemak met vrienden af te spreken. We'll see...

Waw,cool da je nie meer om half 8 int weekend uit u bed springt! ge zijt het aan t leren :p

Anonymous said...

i haven't got christmas day plans either,, and new year's eve is a work in progress as well... u r not alone u bachelor u!;)
chipmonks on crack are the best lol...
ellen x

Eddie the Girl said...

yea I liked the chipmunk on crack comment too. I don't know how I ever did that schedule.... I mean even when I was still single it really started to wear on me.

Maegs said...

I'm sorry you have no plans for Christmas. I wish I would have known...I could have saved up some money and came to see you this year. How awesome would that be for me to spend some time in Belgium...I've always wanted to see Belgium, ever since we first got in contact. I bet it's beautiful this time of year.

Miss you. TTYL

Tozansha said...

Every year the New Years blues creep up on me. There is no particular reason or an obvious reason but although I have plans for this evening, I'd rather crawl in bed with a nice hot cup of tea and some crochet work and let all the craziness pass me by.
Hope you're having a blast!!

Anonymous said...

Ahwel Dennis,
Stil gevallen? In iedergeval een héél gezond en ook wel gelukkig jaar 2009 gewenst aan jou en gans je familie. Het leven kabbelt verder zeker zoals we dat in Belgie gewoon zijn? Niets speciaal maar hopelijk toch nog met dromen want zonder dromen is het leven niet levenswaard zelle.
Veel liefs,
Vera, mama van Anne

Lore said...


Lore said...

Still WAI-TING. tap tap tap!