Friday, June 27, 2008

Keeping it fresh

You've got to keep things fresh, so I adjusted my template today.

I also put up a new movie trailer; Hancock. I've been looking forward to see it come out because it's shot in LA.

It's also cool to recognize the highways he is flying over. I mean, that's where I've been driving from and to work like hundreds of times.

The funny thing is, the voice in the trailer says Hancock is "going North bound on the 110" right before Will Smith smashes through the traffic sign, but at that time he is in fact still on the 105 East leading towards the 110. You can tell because the sign he smashes shows the direction for either 110 south (San Pedro) and 110 North (Los Angeles), the highway they say he is already on.

Now, the 105 is right next to the LAX airport and El Segundo, the town where I spent my first weeks with the Edlefsen family. For this scene, they shut a small part of the 105 (the part in El Segundo) down for about a day of filming. So it's pretty cool to see the result.

The reason they're mentioning this misplaced information is probably because the car that Hancock throws up in the air, gets stuck on the peak of the famous round Capitol Records building in Hollywood (you see this in the trailer).

The Capitol Records building is a very famous building in Hollywood and sits right next to the 101 North. To get there from where Will Smith crashes through the sign, you actually have to follow the 110 North all the way through downtown LA (you see the car tumbling through the skyscrapers of downtown LA) and get on the 101 to get to Hollywood, where this Capitol Records building is (and the car ends up on its peak). So from where Hancock smashes the sign to the final shot of the car sitting on the capitol building, it's actually still a good 20 miles of driving. I guess the filmmakers wanted to give the audience a head's up on where we are heading in this scene.

Hehe, this is probably very boring information for everybody that isn't familiar with the city, but I'm just thrilled to see it.

Anyho. Have you looked at the poll results lately ? 1 person thinks Belgium is the best country in the world to live in, 2 out of 6 digs it most of the time (unless fries and beer are running scarce), one person only likes Belgium when on a holiday in another country (haha), and 2 people would rather be put on a plane to another country than to live in Belgium.

Wauw ! That's a lot of different opinions. I guess I have learned to appreciate living in Belgium because I have lived in another country for a year. I wonder if I'll ever see Belgium as a country again and not just a 'state' in Europe. Sure, there's a bigger difference between France and Belgium than Maryland and Delaware for example, but still, Belgium really isn't all that big. But sooo charming.. instead of wanting to live in the fast lane, I'm calming down, settling into a life that I can enjoy in a peaceful way. :) And even though Belgium is not exactly Spain, compared to the US, I think Belgium is way more relaxed.

Oh, check out the new poll ! Gosh, I love these things. :)


Anonymous said...

hehe, ge zijt precies meer van ons landje gaan houden e! geef maar toe da ge ons mist! ;)

Heb trailer gezien, super e! der komen trouwens nog veel films uit van super heroes enzo...maar veel komische, ook eentje met superman, maar tis zo eerder de spot drijven met...
k denk wel leuk...

Dadaa! nog 13 dagen!


Ken De Vos said...

Hey broer...
Een nieuwe look... niet alleen je blog ziet er "totally refreshed" uit, maar je verhalen zelf ook. Ik moet zeggen dat ik elke keer je blog met grote bewondering lees...hoe jij dat allemaal kan neerpennen..chapeau!
Allez...nog efkes en je kan het allemaal in geuren en kleuren in levende lijve vertellen...we zien er al naar uit!

bittersweet said...

The place is mooi upgepimpt!


Lore said...

Refresh de blogpost, want het is nog altijd dezelfde, hihi! nice work! Wanneer krijgen we een pic van de resultaten van het bodypimpen?