Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lola's secret - part 1

This has got to stop.

Lola wiped a tear from her nose and checked her face in the rear view mirror. Her hazelnut hair was messy, her blood shot eyes made her look tired, God she was tired, and her forehead was showing a sun burn; driving at noon in a Red Cadillac Convertible down desert route 90 was not something a local would do.

But she had no choice; he had pushed her out of the house this morning, throwing her stuff out the door, leaving her underwear and clothes scattered over the front yard (except for the white linen dress that he had given her for her 30th birthday, that was something she guessed he did not want her to have any longer), and one picture of their 6 year old daughter Lizzy.

"Somethin' to remember her by." Tony had yelled this morning as he'd flipped their daughter's photograph at Lola's chest while she was pleading to let her stay.

Of course, Lola had been completely surprised by all of this. At 6 AM, she was drinking a glass of water after a long night working the grave yard shift at the diner, sitting in the kitchen in her night gown, ready to go to sleep, when Tony stormed down the stairs carrying a leather suit case.

"What're ya doin'?" Lola said as she saw him place the suitcase at the front door. Lola looked up at Tony's face. His balding head looked shinier than usual, his green eyes were staring into space and the scar on his cheek made him look even more mad.

"You leavin' me ?" she said.

"No," he folded his arms, "You're leavin' us." He didn't look at Lola. He wouldn't give her even that kind of recognition.

A pause of silence, not the same quiet that Lola had been enjoying while drinking a glass of water, but a moment filled with anger, tension and the ache of a stomach that was now upset. Lola's heart pumped despair and disbelief through her body.

"W-What d'you mean ?" she said, as she stood up from her chair, her gown touching her bear feet. "Why?!"

His eyes shot an angry look at her. "You know why."

Tony opened the front door, that same door that had welcomed Lola to the house this morning after a hard night at work, and she looked at the gaping hole, the exit that would become like a kick out of the house.

"I have a goddamn right to know why you throwing me out on the street." She sat down again and gestured to the chair standing on the other side of the table. But Tony had no intention of discussing it over a glass of water.

He walked over to her, grabbed her by the arm and pushed her out the door. Of course, Lola struggled, kicking - screaming - demanding an explanation, but Tony was too overwhelmed by anger. She was pushed out on the lawn, falling backwards, her elbows sinking into the grass, followed by the picture of Lizzy that Tony flipped at her chest. The leather suit case flung open as it hit the ground beside her. And then he had shut the door.

She had stood there in her ripped night gown, holding Lizzy's picture, the world turning around her, thoughts shooting through her head, hearing voices telling her that what she explained to the police yesterday, might have been a big mistake.

PS. Part 2 is for tomorrow. ;)


bittersweet said...

lap, that's all i need, een verslavend verhaaltje!

ik mag alleen maar studeren!

stoute dennis

Anonymous said...

jeuj!! kei tof!
Ik vraag mij af hoe lang het duurt bij u vooral ge een plot bedenkt enzo?!

We want more!

Eddie the Girl said...

whoa you've been putting a lot of time into this blog havent you? I can't keep up.

Lore said...

jippie! can't wait!