Thursday, June 19, 2008

My view on Destiny

The poll question for this week was: Do you believe in Destiny ?

2 out of 5 people think that they create their own future.

I agree. We have the power to create what is best for us, as long as we are conscious of the fact that the concept 'future' is a relative concept and doesn't really exist. Of course, I am not talking about practical time; if you want to schedule an appointment or whatever. You need practical time because that is how we agreed to organize things.

I am talking about psychological time.. in psychological time, the future or present does not exist. When we're thinking about what happened in the past, about that argument we had or that party we went to, we are thinking about it Now.
If we're thinking about what we''re going to do this summer, or what we're going to say when we meet the person we have an appointment with, we're thinking about that Now !

So, I also believe I create my own future, as I can decide in each moment how I will react in that very moment and then in the next, and the next and so on.

Again, 2 other people voted that some things are just meant to be.

I agree. Things are meant to Be. But 'meant to be' is often used as an excuse for pretending to have accepted something we haven't really come to terms with.. We often say "It's meant to be" because we believe that some ''outer force' has control over our lives and we think "hey, what can you do about it, right" ?

Not exactly. I understand why some would believe that things are just 'meant to be'. Somehow I can't help but wonder if this believe comes out of some form of passive acceptance, as if accepting that an 'outer force' is controlling your life and you are just subjected to it because you don't realize that you can decide what is meant to be - for you. Of course, we don't control every little thing in life. But do we really need to ? Where does the need come from to control everything in life ?

1 voter thinks s/he was born to fulfill a great destiny (of course now I'm curious as to who this person is and what his/her destiny could be :) )

Good for him/her ! If that is what gives that person meaning or purpose in life, that's great. But what happens when that destiny is fulfilled ? Do you lose your purpose in life ? What happens when you lose the meaning of your life when you've attained your purpose, your 'destiny' ? Won't you feel lost ? For example, a lot of people are loving, caring parents and say that their purpose in life is to take care of their children, which is absolutely wonderful of course. But by the time the kids move out of the house and the kids don't need the guidance or support from their parents that much any more, a lot of parents feel that they have lost their purpose in life and fall into some sort of identity crisis.. because the identity that they had, the thing that they had identified with all of this time, was being a parent, playing the role of being a parent.. and suddenly, this identity breaks down.. maybe not completely (you will always care for your children of course), but you catch my drift.

I don't really believe in Destiny, as if it were some faith that's been set out for me, as if the universe (or God if you will) has a plan for me that I need to fulfill.

I do believe that Destiny is some sort of thing you want to identify with, because it gives you a purpose in life, it gives you meaning. There's nothing "wrong" with this, of course, but it will never bring out your true - your never ending- meaning in life.

I believe that I'm destined to find my place in this Universe. I do believe that it is not what I do, but how I do it, that is most important in life.

If we're not fully enjoying how we are doing in life, if we're not happy about how our life is at this moment, than this is a signal that we are not living the way we're "destined" to live.

I believe that we have a collective destiny ; be in balance with life, live in complete acceptance (and the word "acceptance" does not mean condone, but we can just accept what is without having to resist it).

I also believe that this collective destiny will manifest itself differently in each of our lives. That is why we think that we each have a different destiny while in fact it is just a different manifestation of one collective destiny, that is:

Instead of living from a desperate wanting in life, our destiny will manifest itself as living from enjoying life.

At least, that is what I try to do every day. :)

On a lighter note; scroll down for a new poll and movie trailer !

PS: Forgetting Sarah Marshall was released in Belgian movie theaters today !


Anonymous said...

Eigenlijk ist waar, kdenk dat we allemaal maar één doel hebben int leven en dat is gelukkig zijn. Hoe je het doet, welke job je daarvoor kiest, welke levenswijze, is je eigen keuze.

Ik geloof niet dat er iemand is dat al heeft uitgestippeld voor mij hoe mijn leven er zal uit zien.
Ik geloof wel dat er een bepaalde reden is waarom ik, wanneer ik een keuze moet maken, het ene verkies boven het andere.

Grotendeels staan mensen zelf in voor hun geluk, maar kdenk dat dat niet altijd wordt gesnapt. Ik ken zo veel voorbeelden van mensen die wentelen in zelfmedelijde en waarbij ik dan denk: hallo! neem je leven in handen, doe er iets mee!

nice blog! Denk trouwens dat The love Guru, leuke film moet zijn!

Eddie the Girl said...

LDS docterine:
"men are, that they might have joy." 2nd Nephi 2:25

bittersweet said...

Dennis iz the love guru :)))