Saturday, June 7, 2008

Poll results and new movie trailer

I'm positively surprised to see that 3 out of 5 poll takers think their life is not boring at all. You see, I thought the majority of us would think that our life IS boring. We go to the same jobs every day, meet the same people, eat the same food every week, travel the same route.

What is it then that makes your lives NOT so boring ? Enlighten me :-).

There's one person that thinks chocolate is like a drug saving him/her from dying of boredom. (just kidding ;-))

And one person feels she or he has a mediocre life by just having fun. That's fine with me.

I'm glad to see that nobody feels miserable enough to shoot themselves. Yay ! *clappy hands*

There's a new poll for this week. Scroll down to take it !

Oh, and also, check out the new trailer below : it's the new Paramount production of KUNG FU PANDA !


Anonymous said...


coole film! wil ik ook zien!
ziet er grappig uit!

van die jongens van die kortfilm en van Spielberg, kben eigenlijk vergeten van welke school ze zijn.
mss kan ik het inteview is bekijken ergens op internet? kzal er is achter zoeken!


Anonymous said...


I create my own destiny, i'm very certain! It's the choice you make, the people who you wanna meet, the steps you make that are important!


O'Byrne said...

Life is never boring when you have a passion - whether it is a person, an activity, a profession, your kids, whatever. But it is important that is your passion and you don't live the passion of your kids, pet, spouse. Find something that you really like. Friends that are important. Devote yourself, and you won't have time to be bored.

I've often thought that boredom could be the foundation of creativity. Today we have so many distractions like TV, video games, films, that we never have to create ways to entertain ourselves and relieve us of boredom. I suspect many children don't know what boredom is - and they've never had to be creative to entertain themselves. That is a pity.