Thursday, June 26, 2008

The clock is ticking

It was bound to happen after 6 weeks of doing nothing : I have a blogger's block. That sorta happens when you don't get out too much and don't meet any strange, funny or obnoxious people.

All I do these days is this:

Go for a run,
Do sit and push-ups,
Watch movies on digital on demand (still so many movies to gooo !),
Do research on stuff,
Talk to people on MSN and skype,
Go for a run,

and go shopping for food. :)

So, I guess you could say my life is boring right now, but of course I'm the one responsible for it. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the ocean of time I'm having now to get into shape and catch up on reading books and watching films.

Meanwhile, I'm about done with arranging things to move back to Belgium. Spoke with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) yesterday to ask them if I should file my taxes now or wait until next year.

It took us about half an hour to come up with this: Normally, I would need a "sailing permit" (yes, it's a term they've used since medieval times, a permit that will allow you to sail to Europe) which states that I have paid my taxes. But, after browsing 'Publication 159" of Tax law, we discovered that as a J-2 Visa holder, I am exempt of having to get that permit. That saves me a lot of trouble.

I do, however, need to file my taxes, but not until next year. And best thing of all; I will definitely get a tax refund. Too bad it won't be in Euro's, though :). But it's a nice gift anyways.

So that leaves me printing out my ticket to Belgium. I will leave from Washington International on July 10th at 6PM and set foot on Belgian soil the next day, July 11th at 7:30 AM, local time. I hope I won't forget my earplugs so I can get some sleep on the plane.

Also, packing my things will be a challenge. I'm bringing about two suit cases; maybe 1/4 of one of them won't even be my stuff but things for the family and some friends. I feel like I'm a sales agent with all of these goodies. :)

And of course, meanwhile I have contacted some prospective employers, and looked at some apartments.. I'm really excited about getting my own crib and have lots of parties and movie nights and drinks and sleepovers and what not. :)

These are the things you will read about when I get back: my life in Belgium, fresh and uncut.
Maybe I'll put my blog on hiatus until the 11th. Maybe not. It all depends on when things start happening again.


Ellen said...

i'm so jealous of your ocean of time... bring some of it with you when u come back!:-)))
looking forward to the parties and stuff! xx

Anonymous said...

still 14 days to go!! and You're back!!!


Tozansha said...

Aaaaah!! Do something!!


Lore said...

No, you're not! COME ON! I need you online! Just say yes! Is er daar niets meer in de buurt dat de moeite is om te verkennen? Pas op, of ik geef je opdrachtjes :)