Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Future plans and present dreams

I'm totally hyped about moving back to Belgium. There are so many things that I still want to do, and so many things that I have done before but have never finished or have kept up. Here's a list:

- Being a DJ: I used to be pretty good at it, mixing records, combining oldies with contemporary music, pumping up the audience with beats and rhythms. I want to know if I still have it in me. So for one day, I am going to rent a sound system and mix some tunes. Hell, maybe I even end up buying DJ-equipment. Who knows !

- Play the piano: I was in music school for two years. Learned about notes and rhythms and stuff. The second year, we got to pick the instrument we wanted to play. And I chose the piano. Not for long though, because after a few months, my friends in school were taking Judo classes. And as kid desperate to belong, I quit music school and started going to Judo practice, too.
Now I regret having never learned how to play the piano well. So, that's definitely on my to do list; take piano lessons !

- Speaking of playing music, I also took a djembe class once and I absolutely loved it. I still know how to play a rhythm or two and know how to start and end a song. I also love to dance to African music. So, one of the classes I will be taking in the future; Djembe classes and combine it with African Dancing.

- Rock & Roll : My mom used to take me to some R&R classes, and I still remember like two dance moves and know how to throw somebody from my left to my right and through my legs. I want to throw people around, jump around rock and rolling until I drop dead. So next on list ; Rock and Roll classes.

- Film making ; aaah, one of my biggest passions. I'm definitely going to buy a decent video camera and film editing software. I'll probably start out with making some documentaries, or fun stuff, maybe shooting a wedding or a dance here and there, just like I did when I was still in Belgium. And in a few years, I also want to do that 5 year evening class in film. Too bad I can't get a bachelors degree with it. But that's okay, because of this:

- Enjoy friends and family. After one year of spending my time mostly alone in a far and distant country, I've realized that friends and family are one of the most important things in life. So I'm going to enjoy, appreciate and share my life with each and every one of them. No friend is going to be better or more fun or nicer than the other. They're all as great as they are. So I'm going to have fun at parties, have friends over for movie nights and drinks, go to restaurants, the theater, theme parks, go kayaking and so much more.

- Being sporty : I don't want to lose my will to stay in shape and feel healthy. So I'm going to keep up running; or, if I get sick of it, am going to find something else that will keep me in shape. One thing though; I really want to play racket ball (squash). Any body care to join ?

- Traveling : Australia's on the list, New Zealand is too. That's my next big trip. Probably in a few years though. :)

I think of these things not as if they are dreams that need to be realized, these are things that I will be doing very soon. Probably not at the same time, or in the same year, .. but I feel like I wouldn't fully live my life if I wouldn't do these things.

Oh, sure, I still have dreams:

Buy a house of my own.
Have lots of kids.
Write a self-help book.

And die happy.


Lore said...

Luv lijstjes!

Ik heb ook al een lijstje:

- een marathon lopen
- een boek schrijven (fictie of non-fictie, maar bij voorkeur chicklit met ballen zoals Jen Lancaster)
- reisjes naar LA, Las Vegas (giiids?), Canada, Australiƫ en Nieuw-Zeeland
- het noorderlicht zien en ondertussen met een sneeuwscooter rondperen
- een vet huis met een grote tuin en duusd katten
- een biiig tuinfeest voor friends en family
- die rock'n roll-lessen lijken me ook beire, maar mijn coƶrdinatievermogen is yikes.
- mondharmonica leren spelen
- een gigantische cd- en platencollectie aanleggen
- meer klassiekers lezen
- meer zotte feestjes bouwen

We gaan der een keer aan beginnen zeker?
Siked voor je terugkeer :)

bittersweet said...

Hey DJ - als je een party throwt, let me know :)

Onlangs stukje van Oprah gezien over het feit dat positief denken je leven kan bepalen + dingen visualiseren en op een bord hangen - zal ik zeker eens doen (na mijn examens)

Ik wil ook nog zoveeeeeeeeeeeeeeel

When in Ghent: i'm your racket ball dummy :)

Anonymous said...

zalig! ge zult u nie vervelen! Das echt de spirit om te leven e!
Veel dingen doen, veel nieuwe ervaringen, wil ik ook in mijn leven...
En kvind dat ik zoieso al goed bezig ben.
Eigenlijk kunt ge gewoon al heel u jaar plannen! :)
En de kunst is om van elk moment ge genieten...


bittersweet said...

Have lots of kids.
Write a self-help book.

Dat is geen toeval dat die twee dingen achter elkaar staan :p

Eddie the Girl said...

those are great dreams dennis. I love sharing dreams. I also love that a person can dream and never even do what they dreamed about... and it's OK.

Anonymous said...

And a whole lot more...Je zal een rijkgevuld leven hebben, waar ook af en toe een plaatsje zal zijn om zelfs heerlijk niks te doen en te dromen van de zonnige stranden, Waar was dat ook weer..het zand op mijn huid... m'n eerst rit over mega-brede autostrades...? Maar hey, lessen voorbereiden nu, de kinderen verbazen met een zelf echt beleefd stoer verhaal, een aai over een bol, een strenge zelf ook weer klein voelen...

Dennis said...

bedankt :) mooi beschreven ook.. en van wie komt dit laatste leuke berichtje ?